1 Aaron Beck

OK- Extra Credit assignments I gave you the numbers in class that you are assigned to you.  In MICROSOFT WORD you are going to Type the Psychology Word (NOT the NUMBER) then press return to go to the next line, then write the definition.  The following site will help you with some of the definitions.  … Continue reading “1 Aaron Beck”

Neuroscience and the Brain

Neuroscience and the Brain General Resources: Neurosciences on the Internet Neuropsychology Central Neuropsychology.co.uk Brain.com (focuses on brain health and fitness) BrainConnection (for educators, parents, and the general public) Brain Imaging: Brain Imaging Demonstrations BrainMap (searchable database of imaging experiments) fMRI Data Center (public repository of studies and data) BrainWeb: Simulated Brain Database The Visible Human … Continue reading “Neuroscience and the Brain”

Neuroscience and the Brain

Research Methods and Statistics General Resources: Research Methods Knowledge Base Methods in Behavioral Research (textbook with links) Research Methods Tutorials (from Cornell University) Action Research Resources (megasite on action research) Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet Psychological Methods (APA journal) Getting Started Researching on the Web: Web Tools for Research in Psychology Library Research in … Continue reading “Neuroscience and the Brain”

The Nature of Love

The Nature of Love Harry F. Harlow (1958) University of Wisconsin Address of the President at the sixty-sixth Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Washington, D. C., August 31, 1958. First published in American Psychologist, 13, 573-685. Love is a wondrous state, deep, tender, and rewarding. Because of its intimate and personal nature it … Continue reading “The Nature of Love”

New Page 1

‘SUPERSTITION’ IN THE PIGEON B. F. SkinnerIndiana University Published in Journal of Experimental Psychology, 38, 168-172. To say that a reinforcement is contingent upon a response may mean nothing more than that it follows the response. It may follow because of some mechanical connection or because of the mediation of another organism; but conditioning takes … Continue reading “New Page 1”


An exploration into B.F. Skinner’s Superstition in the pigeon Yes, this is a penguin, but it is much cooler than a pigeon.     We will examine one study from a huge body of research carried out by one of the most influential and most widely known psychologists ever, B. F. Skinner.  Deciding how to present … Continue reading “Skinner”

It is time to lose the weight

The AP Exam is over….no more excuses…. It is time to lose the weight!!!! Goal Weight = 200 pounds Keeping Operant Conditioning in mind….what kind of reinforcements and schedules should I use to lose the weight the fastest? Date Weight 05/13/09 249 pounds