1 Aaron Beck

OK- Extra Credit assignments I gave you the numbers in class that you are assigned to you.  In MICROSOFT WORD you are going to Type the Psychology Word (NOT the NUMBER) then press return to go to the next line, then write the definition.  The following site will help you with some of the definitions.  … Continue reading “1 Aaron Beck”


An exploration into B.F. Skinner’s Superstition in the pigeon Yes, this is a penguin, but it is much cooler than a pigeon.     We will examine one study from a huge body of research carried out by one of the most influential and most widely known psychologists ever, B. F. Skinner.  Deciding how to present … Continue reading “Skinner”

It is time to lose the weight

The AP Exam is over….no more excuses…. It is time to lose the weight!!!! Goal Weight = 200 pounds Keeping Operant Conditioning in mind….what kind of reinforcements and schedules should I use to lose the weight the fastest? Date Weight 05/13/09 249 pounds                        

Neuroscience and the Brain

Sleep and Dreams General Resources: Dream Central Dream Dictionary: The Meaning of Dreams Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams, Table of Contents Lucid Dreaming Nightmares and Disorders of Dreaming NIH Center on Sleep Disorders Research Sleep Disorders Sleep Homepages SleepNet.com The Sleep Well The Sleep Site The Quantitative Study of Dreams

History of Psychology

History of Psychology    General Overviews: The History of Psychology Web Site History of Psychology (WWW Virtual Library) Links on the History of Psychology Victorian Science: An Overview Today in the History of Psychology Take A History of Psychology Quiz Resources in the History of Psychology Timelines: Headlines in the History of Psychology Timetable of … Continue reading “History of Psychology”

History of Psychology

Personality    General Resources: The Personality Project (links related to personality theory and research) Great Ideas in Personality (focuses on scientific research programs) Personality and Consciousness (covers historical figures and theorists) Personality Theories (an electronic textbook) PHERSUE Virtual Library (links to many online texts) Great Ideas in Personality Exhibits Collection — Personality Job Analysis & … Continue reading “History of Psychology”