The Life List of

The Life List of

Julia Vicars

go backpacking through Europe

go on a safari in Africa

travel on:

  • an airplane

  • a hot air balloon

  • a llama, elephant, and camel 

see the sunset in every state

own a log cabin on a mountain in Tibet

live outdoors for a whole month

run a mile in 6 minutes

  run track at college

learn to play:

  • the guitar

  • saxophone

  • piano   

  • drums

  • chess

become a decent singer

get accepted into NYU
  get a degree in studio art, and philosophy

open my own art gallery in Manhattan

own a beret
get married
have kids

retire and live on the beach in R.I.

  see the northern lights

see the 7 ancient and natural wonders of the world


visit the Louvre museum

  do something to benefit humanity