The Life List of

The Life List of

Kevin Sun

To have all of my friends realize how much I love them

Being totally clear who my real friends are

To conquer one of my fears

Owning a little puppy

Go to a josh groban concert

Go to an Usher concert

Go to an NFL game


Go back to China and visit my family’s personal cemetery

Visit Rome and all it’s features
Go see the Eiffel Tower and having dinner by it

To be a dad


To be a grandfather

Learn the piano
Inventing a new sex position
To go on the perfect date with my wife to be
Owning a Lamborghini
To be a drum major in a college marching band
  Learn martial arts
Learn to kick box

Revisit the Great Wall of China


Owning platinum, diamond studded jewelry


Being a part of a singing group

  Repaying my aunt and uncle for raising me up
  To work in a soup kitchen and helping out the poor
  Making my children proud of me
  Meeting DMX
  Sex on in the sauna, on the beach, in a closet, on the airplane, in the pool, etc.
  Save an endangered animal

Affecting someone’s life for the better


Inspiring someone

  Not losing faith during a hard time

Have my son play Harrison football


Be in a music video, preferably hip-hip

  To think of and put someone else’s life in front of mine in a dangerous situation
  Never losing my love for my family
  To coach a football team
  Breaking the law
  Write and record my own song
  Being able to bench 450 pounds
  Successful owning my own business
  Performing an art in front of a big audience

To not fear death

  Die knowing I have no regrets of past mistakes and missed opportunities in my life.