The Life List of

The Life List of

Brittany Stevens


Graduate High School


Get into a really good college


Get a medical degree


Join a sorority and become pledge master


Go sky diving


Bungee jump


Live to see my great grandchildren


Get a 5 on the Psychology AP


Learn to play the drums


Date a famous rocker


Not get into a fight with Russell Dubin for one day


Keep a relationship with a guy for over 2 months


Create my own fashion line


Visit France, England, Egypt, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Brazil, Tokyo, Israel


Visit every state in the country


Tip a cow!


Get married and have a family


Win the lotto


Meet Brittany Spears and give her a hug


Go scuba diving


Learn to skate board


Learn to surf


Date a really hot surfer


Speak Hebrew and French fluently


Make an invention that is extremely useful


Star in a movie


Create a cure for a disease


Create my own candy


Own a hotel


Own an island


Make out with Chad Michael Murray


Shop in over 50 different countries


Get with the guy on Laguna beach


Swim in a pool of chocolate pudding with Amanda Ro


Meet a pirateeee


Stand on the equator


Start my own successful business