The Life List of

The Life List of

David Samad


Play division 1 soccer (or just in college)

  See the northern lights
  Backpack across Ireland and Italy
  Spin the globe with my eyes closed and go wherever my finger lands
  Have a wife and kids
Live in Lebanon for a year
Study for at least a semester at AUB
Find an abandoned wolf pup and raise it
*Make all league all section in soccer (I made all league all section honorable mention)
Live outdoors for at least five days with only a knife, matches, rope, and a compass
  Write a book (on my backpacking experiences or living outdoors)
Buy an STI (Subaru Impreza) and hook it up ridiculously
  Get a masters degree (or Bachelors)
  Running of the Bulls (in Spain)
  Sky Dive
  Run in the NY Marathon

Live/have a job in the city

  Learn another language
  Break a school record in track
  Learn to play guitar
  Be a sports doctor for the Metro-Stars
  Learn how to turn off a wave skimboarding (which is ridiculously hard, especially with the crappy board I have)
  Go to NYC on New Years Eve and watch the Ball
  Find out where Bam Margera lives and skate in his driveway (he lives somewhere in Westchester, and btw I dont even know how to skate)
  Beat both Rohan and Tyler on an AP Psychology Test
  Compete on American Gladiators (Maybe against Greg)
  Run onto the field of a college football game (or any big sports game) and have all the fat security guys chase me around for at least five minutes
  Be able to do a back flip in the air on skis

Ski on every continent (yes i understand it would be difficult to ski in Antarctica but ill get it done)

  Provide for my wife and kids as well as my parents have provided for me
  always have my kids look up to me