The Life List of

The Life List of

Mitchell Rubenstein


Graduate High School

  Be an All-Sectional soccer player as a senior

Be in the top 10% of my class

  Get a bachelor’s degree
At least try and walk on to the soccer team at my undergrad

Go to graduate school for journalism

Become a writer

Write for Sports Illustrated

Get married before age 30 and start a family

Become a grandfather

Become a great-grandfather

Own the Arsenal

Live overseas for at least 2 years

Visit Israel

  Visit the 7 Wonders of the World
Walk along the entire Great Wall of China

Take a picture with a penguin in Antarctica

Visit every country where I have ever met a person from

Take a picture with a kangaroo in Australia

Live in Colorado for a winter and ski every day of the week

Go Bungee jumping

Ski dive out of an airplane

Attend an Olympic Games (summer and winter)

Go to the Champions League final in Europe

Watch the U.S. live in a World Cup game

Attend a World Cup final

Meet Thierry Henry

Meet Pele

Meet Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Meet Lindsay Lohan

Have a cameo in a movie

Write an award-winning script for a movie
Attend a concert of each of my favorite bands

Be in an eating contest

Gain a lot of weight, then create my own diet and lose all the weight so I can market myself and make a lot of money from my sales

Attend a major league baseball game at every stadium in the country
Attend a Rugby match
Play in a Rugby match

Learn to speak 3 different languages (One being Hebrew)

Learn to skateboard
Learn to surf

Own a jet-ski

Own a speed boat
Go on a cruise around the world