The Life List of

The Life List of

Deanna Rosenberg


Pass physics

  Get into a good college and graduate school
  Get married to someone i truly love
  Have at lease 2 kids
  Go to the Bahamas
Visit the coral reef
Go sky diving
Be successful at my job
Get my round off back handspring
Have a house on the beach
  Train my dog to stay in the yard
Go skiing/ snow boarding
  Go to Italy to visit my family
  Visit the Eiffel Tower
  Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  Meet/ see the Queen on England

GO to Australia

  Join a sorority
  Graduate the top 30% of my class in high school and, or college
  Learn how to play the piano
  Watch all of Gone With the Wind
  Go to Nationals for cheerleading
  Place at county center
  Reconnect with old friends
  Mend problems in existing friendships
  Be a role model to someone
  Visit 4 continents
  Go to a concert
  Go bungee jumping
  Go shopping at the mall of America
  See the Hollywood Sign