The Life List of

The Life List of

Zach Rieger

  Graduate High School in top 15 percent of my class
  Go to College in Boston
  Get married eventually
  Own a Private Jet
Own a helicopter
Have a Smartboard in my house.
Have a urinal in my bathroom.

 Make a lot of money so that I can buy the Giants

Build a new football stadium since Giants Stadium is old.
  Meet George Steinbrenner
Run for public office at some point in my life

Play in World Series of Poker

  Win the World Series of Poker
  Live in Las Vegas for a year
  Learn Japanese

Go to Cuba

  Learn how to make cookies as good as the Keebler Elves
  Be in the top 1000 for online Madden rankings
  Not be such an a-hole all the time
  Go to Europe
  Get with two girls in Europe that don’t even speak English, at the same time
  Stop being so lazy
  Help my parents when they are old and need me
  Have a family and be a good father to them
  Be the same as my grandpa when I am a grandfather.
  Be respected in life and to feel as if I have been successful in life so that when I die I feel that I accomplished all I could