The Life List of

The Life List of

Erica Planamento


Place top 20 at XC states before I graduate

  Run under 5 minutes in the mile
  Graduate High School with an above 90 gpa (unweighted)
  Run XC and track at a Division 1 college
  Get married by age 28
Have at least 3 children (one being a girl)
Open my own Pharmacy
Buy myself a Range Rover
Get a Golden Retriever
Date a guy in a band
  Run NYC marathon under 4 hours
Adopt a baby girl from China
  Take a road trip along the entire coast of California
  Learn to surf
  Go to the Atlantis
  Travel to every continent
  Take a cruise
  Write a song
  Score a 1200 or above on my SATs
  Invent something
  Drive a bus
  Fly a plane
  Visit all of the 50 states
  Swim with dolphins

Be in two places at once

  See the sun rise in Hawaii
  Win the lotto
  Own a monkey
  Become a grandmother
  Become a great-grandmother
  Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
  Get "star" treatment for 24 hours
  Live in at least four states (already lived in two- NY and CA)
  Write a book
  Publish an article in a magazine
  Become an All-American in track
  Complete a triathlon
  Play Andy Roddick in tennis
  Open my own restaurant after I retire
  Learn to ski
  Become a Real World cast member
  Hook up with Justin Timberlake
  Take a dance lesson from Usher
  Be in a music video seen on TRL
  Date a model
  Live in NYC for at least a year
  Study abroad
  Qualify for Track nationals indoor and outdoor
  Create a new inhaler that works for Asthmatic athletes

Be in a sorority

  Go on a roller coaster that goes upside down
  Go snorkeling
  Mud wrestle
  Spend the day with Derek Jeter
  Learn to play guitar
  Learn to play the drums
  Get at least one tattoo
  Have the school record in every individual event from the 800m up to the 3200m
  Save someone‚Äôs life
  Make a lasting impression on someone