The Life List of

The Life List of

Amanda Pesco


Graduate high school

  learn how to play the piano
  learn how to play the guitar
  graduate college with a doctorate
  skydive with Julie
live in another state
live in a New York City apartment
visit every country in Europe
go scuba diving

get married


have a son and a daughter

become a grandmother
  become an athletic trainer for a professional basketball team

play a sport in college

  meet usher and have him sing to me
  coach a basketball team
  pet a panda bear
  get into national honor society

go to a 3rd world country and spend time with the kids and donate money

  become a vegetarian
  run in a marathon

be on a live TV show


swim with dolphins


become fluent in Italian

  own my own house
  adopt a foreign baby
  be the maid of honor at my friend Amanda’s wedding
  go on a cruise
  own a boat and a jet ski

own a house on the beach