The Life List of

The Life List of

Nicole Murdocca


Go to Italy


Speak Italian Fluently

  Be accepted to a good college
  Make lots of money
  Visit the Empire State Building
Fly in a helicopter
Have a son and daughter
Buy a Lexus IS 300 blue
Be happy in college
Get married
  Live near a beach
Own a dog

Keep in touch with some of my high school friends

  Cut my hair short
  Be happy in my job
  Be madly in love with the man I will marry
  Not get caught driving after 9 pm before I turn 18
  Exercise every day
  Read books just for fun
  Go to California
  Go to Las Vegas
  Go back to my old Catholic school

Own a beautiful house in a good neighborhood

  Make my parents proud of me
  See a giants v. cowboy game
  Stand on the equator
  Stand on the point where Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico meet
  Go to White Castle
  Go to taco bell

Spend a whole day in nyc shopping

  Go to the mtv’s music awards
  Play hockey
  Play in a football game
  Ride a horse
  Drive a Porsche, Lamborghini, or Ferrari
  Learn to drive stick
  Learn to cook my mom’s Italian food
  Visit the botanical gardens
  Help my brother through the college process

Go on a cruise

  Go on more than a 3-day vacation
  Go to Hawaii and eat their pineapple
  Speak Spanish fluently
  Take kick boxing
  Vote in a us presidential election
  Go white water rafting
  Go fishing
  Be really good at chess
  See the tower of Pisa
  Visit Harvard
  Clean my closet out and give my clothes to charity
  When I’m in college, I want to help out the Harrison Majorettes
  Get over my fear of talking in front of people
  Get over my fear of heights
  Talk to Dr. Phil