The Life List of

The Life List of

Jessica Monastra


Write a at least one New York Times’ best-seller novel

  Write a collection of poems and bind them into a book
  Become a chef
  Get married (I think)
  Have a little boy not a girl
Become a successful lawyer
Finish college before any of my brothers do (which will probably happen)
Become a successful accountant
Travel the world
Go to Italy
  Live in Italy
Be an actress on the soap opera ALL MY CHILDREN
  Write a script for ALL MY CHILDREN
  Help plan weddings
  Learn photography as hobby

Read 365 books in year

  Live in a cottage
  Abandon my family and not tell them where I’m moving to
  Just get accepted to Yale (don’t want to go there)
  Go to a college at least two hours away from home
  Live to be 100

Run a mile in 6 minutes


Beat the new Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door game


Become the best Journalist in the world

  Get out of NY state
  Learn to make Italian/Sicilian pastries
  Open up a bakery
  Have a library in my home
  Trace my family history
  Research Science for the heck of it
  Go on a two month vacation
  Speak Italian only
  Bake cookies & treats and send them to all the nice neighbors
  Paint my room myself
  Live downstairs in my other brother’s old room
  Date a Dominican, Italian, Sicilian and a Puerto Rican
  Track down my best friend from when I was little and become reacquainted
  Build a house
  Go camping in the woods for a week
  Read the entire Bible
  Learn to speak Latin
  Do at least 25 pushups in one set

Play paintball (& like Sam said, shoot my brother at least once even if he’s on the same team)

  Write children’s books

Get my natural curls back

  Never take blood again
  Meet Julia Roberts in person
  Take Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston
  Sing in the Church Choir
  Go skydiving
  Build a car
  Race at the NASCAR track
  Build a ship in a bottle
  Spoil my cute little nephew
  Make tortellini from scratch
  Meet Oprah
  Change my attitude towards others (apparently people don’t like my current attitude towards them)
  Paint an masterpiece
  Mix chemicals to cause minor yet HARMLESS explosions
  Go on Jeopardy
  Become a news anchor
  Face my all of my fears
  Do yoga

Have perfect vision

  Own a restaurant
  Climb a mountain
  Be 5’8” (3 inches to go)
  Control my hatred towards others
  Make glass sculptors
  Have a home with a stream in the back and a bridge to walk on
  Learn how to dance
  Go to a ballroom party
  Play ice hockey
  Own a blue corvette
  Play on the softball team
  Be in a play
  Take up the flute again

Become an expert at playing the piano. (I can play Mary had a little lamb)

  Get at least a 3 on my 2 AP exams in May 2005
  Design clothes
  Write a play

Learn to stop procrastinating

  Get a ipod for Christmas
  Live in Wyoming for a year
  Travel to Greece
  Take up sailing