The Life List of

The Life List of

Steve Masi


Graduate high school.  I think have that one under control.


Average 20 points a game this season in basketball.

  Make all-league and all-section.
  Win more games than I did my sophomore year.
  Make it to the County Center in the playoffs.
Get in to half of the colleges I apply to.
Graduate from college
Meet Dwayne Wade.
Attend every major sporting event, such as the Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA Championship.  Hockey sucks.
Visit every continent, except Antarctica, because why would I want to go to Antarctica?
  Watch the Lord of the Rings without falling asleep.

Be on Family Feud, just so when I say something I can hear everyone say, “Good Answer!”


Be on the Price is Right, play PLINKO, and win a car.  It’s a combination that isn’t possible, but I think I could make it happen.

  Have sex on a Ferris wheel.
  Be on ESPN, for any reason
  Win the lottery.
  Make it to, and win the World Series of Poker.
  Not get arrested.
  Go to Canada and Mexico on the same day.
  Drink a beer, or more, in Milwaukee.
  Beat up a mascot at a Major League Baseball game.
  Get on the leader board in Yeti sports
  Eat an Italian dinner in Italy.
  Dunk a basketball on a regulation hoop.  I may have already done this, I’m not sure though.
  Take batting practice at Yankee Stadium.
  Actually learn how to speak Spanish, even though I have been taking it since 7th grade.
  Get married.
  Have children.

Make a sex tape with Paris Hilton.

  Meet Lindsay Lohan, and if possible make a sex tape with her.
  Go to a golf tournament and yell, “Get in the hole!” after every shot.
  Go to a taping of Inside the Actor’s Studio.

Meet Nelly, and rip the band-aid off of his cheek.

  Bowl a perfect game.
  Participate in the Olympics.