The Life List of

The Life List of

Lisa Mariani

"A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it"

"Never save anything for a special occasion.

Every day in your life is a special occasion."


Get married in my twenties or early thirties

  Don’t get divorced
  Have children and grandchildren
  Go to Webster Hall
  Study Aboard in Italy during my junior year of college (Florence or Rome)
Get a scholarship to college
Date someone from Italy, Latin America, Australia and Britain.
Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC
Date someone who is younger than me

Get my driver’s license before February 2005

  Get at least 1150 on my SAT’s.

Afford a nice car


Wear Yankee merchandise in Boston

  Visit Boston and Salem in Massachusetts

Have blue eyes for one night (blue contacts)

  Visit Egypt and the Nile River
  Swim with dolphins
  Make a difference in someone’s life
  Get my bachelor’s and master’s degree
  Minor in psychology
  Have a job that I enjoy and I’m good at
  Get in better shape
  Tone my thighs and upper arms
  Give blood
  Visit Africa or the middle east or India or Asia
  Always be reading a book for pleasure

Write and publish a book

  Lose my fear of public speaking
  Become fluent in Italian

Learn a third language (preferably Spanish, German or French)  

  Get a job as a dancer with a DJ during college
  Fall in love once or twice
Read the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Get a decent grade in physics and AP American
  Visit the Seven Wonders of the World
  Visit the Grand Canyon
  Visit Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
  Go to Texas, Las Vegas, & California
  Go to Mardi Gra in New Orleans, Louisiana

Buy and decorate my own house

  Face my fear of heights by bungee jumping or skydiving.
  Help make a music video
  Grow nails
  Go on a midnight run

Become one of my cousin’s sponsor or bridesmaid


Go to Cancun, Mexico


Get accepted to the colleges/universities of my choice

  Be involved in a TV Show or Movie
  Learn how to dance exceptionally well
  Go parasailing, windsurfing and snorkeling
  Go on a safari
  Visit Australia and the coral reef in Australia
  See kangaroos
  Use a boomerang
  Swim at the beaches in the Mediterranean Sea and in Australia
  Go one week with getting at least nine hours of sleep every night
  Donate hair to Locks of Love
  Get a cat or dog that my brother isn’t allergic to
  Own a piece of platinum jewelry
  Purchase something off of E-bay
  Live to see a cure for any type of cancer
  Travel to every region in Italy
  Watch all of the Godfather
  Spend at least one week in each of the following: England, Paris, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland (for the castles), Scotland, Holland, Denmark, Germany, St. Petersburg in Russia and Brazil.

Go to all of the main spots mention in Angels & Demons by Dan Brown in Rome.

  Rent or own a villa in Italy
  Join a gym and faithfully use it
  Understand poetry and Shakespeare
Get my second holes pierced

Learn how to make a Nonna’s Bread/Pizza

  Keep in touch with at least one person from high school or college

Go to Carmines Restaurant in the city

  Visit and explore a pyramid
Go to Canada and meet my second cousins
Design shirts
  Learn how to play an instrument, either drums or guitar
  Take a picture with a celebrity
  Attend services of other religions besides Catholicism and Judaism
  Learn how to ice-skate without falling
  Learn how to cook as well as my mom
  Keep my room clean and organized
  Do a split
  Hula-hoop for at least two minutes
  Find out more about my great-grandmother Maria and my great-grandfather who was in WWII
  Go to Carnevale in Venice in February
Do the Making the Strides Breast Cancer Walk
  Go to Saudi Arabia and ride a camel
  Dance on a rooftop in NYC
  Have photography as a hobby

Read the books on the 25 Books to Read Before Your are 25 list

  Meet Julia Stiles or Kate Hudson
  Be engaged for at least one year before getting married
  Go to all of the highlights in Da Vinci Code in France
  Design a comic that becomes featured in the paper
  Be in a live audience of Regis and Kelly or Ellen DeGeneres show
  Wear an elegant sleeveless wedding gown with a veil
  Constantly have fresh flowers (Lilies, Lilacs, or Roses) & candles in my own home
  Become the best mother I can be
  Don’t wait to do everything at the last minute
  Continue my Quote Book.
  Be in three or more places at once
  Get a mud bath in Capri
  Go the Naples, Campania
  Visit Avellino, Campania at least five more times
  Fix up my grandfather’s house in Avellino
  Take a picture of the sunset from his backyard
  Stay in touch with my cousins in Pisa
  Ride a gondola with a boyfriend/husband in Venice
  Learn how to make tiramisu like the chef I met in Rome
  Find Paolo and Antonio again in Italy/Switzerland
  Go sailing
  Go to Ellis Island and check if my relatives names are there
  Learn how to snowboard and ski
  Sleep overnight in a cabin
  Get a billiard table
  Meet one of the people from the cast of F*R*I*E*N*D*S (or all)
  Attend an Olympics
  Go white water rafting
  Go on a cruise
  Stand on the equator
Donate money to leukemia charities
  Don’t use money as a value/main priority in life