The Life List of

The Life List of

Eric Lebowitz


Win Gold In Saber in the Olympics




Graduate High School


Graduate my college in the top 5% of my class


Learn Kendo


Play guitar as well as Jimi Hendrix


Read 2 pages a minute


Type 40 words a minute


Go bungie jumping


Visit all 7 continents


Learn to speak 2 other languages besides English


Learn how to make sushi


Visit the Great Pyramid of Egypt


Scuba-dive in  Jamaica


Get Married


Have children


Become a Grandfather


Get a 1300 or higher on the SAT’s


Earn a six figure income


Get the job that I want


Make a CD


Retire as early as I can


Never get divorced from my spouse


Appear on a television show


Learn how to draw


Learn how to shoot a bow and a gun


Learn martial arts


Run for a government position


Program my own video game for a system or computer


Perform a live concert in Central park


Stay in touch as a long as I can with my friends


Take up a collection of things, and never stop until I’m broke or dead


Learn how to meditate


Figure out how a computer works