The Life List of

The Life List of

Kimberly Kremer


Get a 4 or 5 on the AP for psychology

  Graduate high school
  Graduate from college
  Get a good, high paying job

Get married by the age of 24

Have 4 kids

Visit every country in Europe

Visit every continent except Antarctica

Learn to fly a plane and fly somewhere cool
Fly in a helicopter
  Sky dive
Bungee jump
  Be a cast member on the Real World
  Have a major role in a movie
  Live in another country for 2 years
  Write an episode for All My Children

Travel to the moon

  Visit every state

Train to run in a marathon

  Run in a marathon if I am able to do so
  Help cure Multiple Sclerosis
  Learn a different language and speak it fluently
  Adopt a child
  Do the voice for a cartoon character
  Write and publish books with my sister Liz
  Meet Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
  Be in two places at once
  Go scuba diving
  Learn how to surf
  Date a surfer
  Have a summer house by the beach
  Learn to play the guitar
  Have someone write a song for me
  Eat a variety of foods
  Have grandchildren
  Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary