The Life List of

The Life List of

Justin Kim



  to be at least the supporting actor in a movie
  to be a hobo for a month in New York City and/or Paris
  to write a series of children books
  to write a novel
to be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize
to own a coffee shop in either New York City, Paris, London, Vienna, Venice, Milan
to own a corporation
to grow out my hair long enough to be a Jesus impersonator

to be a teacher in an elementary school for a year

  to work in a magazine as a editor
to be a hippie for a month (getting high, respecting nature to its fullest, tie dye shirts, etc.)
  to work for Saturday Night Live
  to work as a stand up comedian & to have a comedy special on DVD
  to be a self made billionaire
  to work as a Santa Clause at the Macy’s in the City
  to work in a hotel either as a manager or  the guy that carries your luggage
  to write a textbook
  to be a pastry chef
  be a photographer
  to act in a Broadway show
  be a shoe shiner in New York City

to be a producer of a movie


People to meet:

  Ellen DeGeneres
  Julianne Moore
  Regis Phillbin
  Michael Moore
  Dr. Phil
  Bill Clinton
  Margaret Cho
  Baz Luhrmann

Paul McCartney

  Stevie Nicks

Larry David


Michael Ian Black

  Cake (the band)
  Mitch Albom
  Michiko Kakutani
  Emotion Eric (

Will Ferrell


Public Accolade:

  to win an Oscar
  to win a Grammy
  to be on Page Six of the New York Post
  to go on any talk show where one needs to be extremely white-trash (Ricki Lake, Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones, Maury)
  to get 1 million visitors to my blog, officially declaring I have “followers”

to be on Real World or any reality show




how to build my own house

  Lacrosse, Golf, Polo, Water Polo, Pool, Snowboard, Horseback Riding, Mountain climbing

how to play jazz with a Tenor Saxophone

  how to speak French, Spanish (almost getting there), German, Russian, British accent, and a southern accent
  how to build furniture

to start a fire, to chop wood, to pitch a tent


To own:

  one major piece of art from either of the following artists in my possession, Da Vinci, Picasso, Matisse, Vermeer, Fragonard, Monet, Pollock, Andy Warhol or Keith Haring 
  a beach home in New Hampton

a farm with milk cows, and then go cow tipping

  a Ferrari


  to live in an ideal Martha Stewart – Cookie Cutter suburban town somewhere in Connecticut for a year or insanity, which ever comes first
  to live in London and Paris for about three years each
  in Scarsdale after kids
  to live in the woods for a month, living off the woods
  a cheap, humongous New York loft right near the meat packing district or the Village


  Times Square during New Years Eve
  every Ivy League school & Oxford

next Woodstock (if there ever is one)

  Cancun during Spring Break
  The Democratic Convention with a “Don’t Forget Bush” sign

The Republican Convention with a “Remember Bush?” sign

  any of the Presidential Debates
  where John Lennon got shot

where JFK got shot

  the White House


  Las Vegas
  Amsterdam, New Netherlands
  to eat sushi in Tokyo

Moscow, Russia


Miscellaneous things:


to witness a birth of a child

  to read every work by Sylvia Plath
  to witness the Northern Lights
  to whistle, snap, and cross-eye
  to have children
  to bungee jump
  to sky dive
  to ride a whale and a camel
  to go to Mardi Gras
  to watch 1,000,000 movies, (600 so far)
  to crowd surf at a rock concert

to jump off a water fall, to scuba dive, to surf

  to have an article written and published in the New Yorker
  to live as a vegan for a month
  grow my own food for a complete year
  to be on the Tonight Show: David Letterman, Conan O’Brian or Jay Leno
  to buy a Christmas tree and decorate it
  to learn every Jewish holiday and the history behind each of them
  to read every single article in the Sunday New York Times including the Magazine & complete the crossword puzzle on the same Sunday
  to watch every episode of I Love Lucy
  to memorize every sonnets in Romeo and Juliet
  to learn how to do the Electric Slide
  to read the Declaration of Independence
  to be on Trading Spaces

to own a piece of the Berlin Wall

  to know every amendment

to know someone personally for past thirty years


Stupid things:

  to catch an ex – senator, governor, or any leader in the government participating in a repulsive act in New York City, (i.e. flashing, sex shows, vulgar language)
  to start a real life Mystery Gang like Scooby Doo
  to have a picnic at Central park
  attend AA for the coffee and the cigarettes
  to join as many self help groups as possible
  to sing Sweet Caroline in the biggest restaurant with karaoke in New York City

to learn how to do the Irish Jig