The Life List of

The Life List of

Kevin Killoran


Go to England.

  Visit Buckingham palace
  Go scuba diving in the pacific ocean

Go Skydiving

  Ride in a “Vomit Comet”
  Learn to fly a fighter jet.
Start my own business
Win the jackpot at the world Poker Tour
Learn how to play Cricket
Learn how to play rugby
Buy my own mansion, with an included heli-pad
  Go base jumping off that huge mountain in Venezuela
Take part in a war effort
  Have children
  Be able to brag to my children about something I did
  Learn to play guitar, and become as good as jimmy page
  Have 2 or more children.
  Go to a good college.
  Meet Robert Deniro in person
  Learn to cook
  Visit Australia

Find concrete proof that ghosts/aliens do/don’t exist

  Go to college
  Watch my children grow older.
  Retire, and get pension.
  Live a long, and exiting life.
  Die peacefully and quietly.