The Life List of

The Life List of

Elizabeth Jacobs

Go to a great college

Get married before I’m 30
Have 3 kids
Become a great sailor
Get a 5 on an AP
Buy a sailboat
Own a Range Rover
  Make a lot of money
Learn how to sail
Learn how to water ski

Go sky diving

  learn how to water surf
go scuba diving
Remain friends with all my best friends from high school
Go to an Oasis concert
Crowd surf at a rock concert
Be able to run 5 miles in 40 minutes
  Get great grades in college and graduate school
Frolic in an open field
  have a career that I love
  eat a whole box of Godiva chocolates in one day
  learn how to be a great cook
  swim in the Atlantic Ocean

learn how to do a  flip

  learn how to surf
  learn how to ski

drive a Ferrari (whether its mine or someone else’s)

  spend $5000 in one day on a shopping spree
  make a difference in someone’s life
  become friends with a celebrity
  design and make a dress
  learn how to play piano
  learn how to play the guitar
  learn how to snowboard
  have enough courage to go on an upside down rollercoaster (I’m terrified of them)

live in New York city for at least 2 years

  go on a cruise
  visit every continent
  go to every European country for at least one day
  Have a successful career
  meet the counting crows and dashboard confessional (chris carabba)
  stay up for 24 hours partying
  go to the Bahamas
  be a great tennis player
  go on an African safari
  go to Australia

meet a president

  be a counselor at a sleep away camp
  graduate high school in the top 25% of the class
  ride a horse in an open field
  be on television (15 minutes of fame)

see a movie at 12 a.m. of it’s opening day

  write a great song
  take acting classes
  go to Canada
  have at least a 92 GPA for junior year
  actually know how to get around NYC (I’m horrible at it)
  meet Britney Spears
  Have a dog
  feel fulfilled and content with my life and choices I make
  visit all 50 states

live until I’m at least 95