The Life List of

The Life List of

Jimmy Irvine


Make a million dollars

  Have a house in Florida and NY
  Get married and have kids
  Travel all seven continents
  Own a tiger, penguin, koala, and a wolf
Learn riflery

Have a gun permit

Have a fish tank as a wall in my house
Fly a fighter jet
Study culinary arts
  Own a tank
Get into NYU

Get some kind of degree from MIT

  Meet Fran Drescher

Get a medical degree


Own a Ferrari, a viper, and a skyline

  Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow

Produce a CD


Explore the rainforests in South America

  Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  Patent an invention
  Stay in the presidential suite in some high class hotel
  Meet Eminem, Jay-Z, and Nas

Learn to fence

  Learn jujitsu

Camp in the Midwest

  Go into space

Party in Ibiza

  Celebrate New Years in Amsterdam
  Learn to juggle

Restore a beat up car

  Try every beer in the world
  Learn wood working
  Learn to box
  Go to Bora Bora

Design a car

  Do the running of the bulls in Spain

Explore wildlife all over the world

  Run for Mayor

Build a hover craft

  Be able to do 25 inverted push ups
  Eat at all of the best restaurants in the world
  Be a photographer for a year
  Visit famous churches in Europe
  Ski in the Alps
  Have a recording studio in my house
  Write a song with Linkin Park and Amy Lee

Have a water bed

  Direct a movie

Learn glass blowing


Be able to run 3 miles

  Design a building
  Learn to paint
  Learn welding
  Own a club
  Jump off a waterfall
  Have a boat
  Stay in a castle
  Write a book of some kind
  Go in a submarine
  Swim with a whale

Go on an excursion through the Amazon

  Go white water rafting
  Work in an animation studio on a movie

Meet a president


Own an island