The Life List of

The Life List of

Richard Iarossi


Win a state championship in football

  Bat .400 in baseball this season

Hit over 3 home runs


Work my butt off this winter in the weight room

Get a 87 or above GPA this year

Score 1200 or better on SAT’s

Win section in baseball this year and next year

Graduate high school

Go to a 4 year college- somewhere south

Have a 3.0 or better GPA in collage

Play a collegiate sport

Graduate college

Go to Italy

Spring break to the Bahamas or Cancun.

  Meet and have a girlfriend in college
Get a job during the winter

Get my license

Get a car

Go on a fishing trip with all my uncles and cousins

Get a scholarship

Have a family

Have kids

Go to Colorado to visit my cousin
Stay close with all my good friends throughout my life

Help my parents when they get old

Learn to play golf

Make All-Section for either baseball or football during the next two years.

Live a healthy life

Support my family

Make a lot of money

Travel all the countries of Europe

Live to be over 80
Stay close with my sister

Buy a house in Florida

Own my own business

Coach my son (if I have one) throughout little league
Buy a boat

Think of more things…