The Life List of

The Life List of

Nick Halpern

Jump out of a plane

Bungee jump

Visit outer space
Walk on the moon
Have 2 or 3 children

Have a wife

Volunteer for a great deal of life
  Play guitar faster than John Petrucci

Be as cool as Mr. Kaplan

Have a place I can go that is away from civilization
Live in Europe for ad least a year

See Pink Floyd in concert

Compose Music

Photograph the world from outer space
Make 1 millions dollars
Visit Niagara Falls
Visit the Grand Canyon

Visit Mt. Everest

See every single country

See every state in America


Photograph all explorations

  Travel around the world in a balloon
  Learn to play the piano

Learn to play the bass guitar


Learn to play drums


Graduate from college with honors and a bachelor’s degree


Photograph every place I go


Live on a boat for ad least a year


Own a yacht


Own a very very fast car

  Reach 160 mph in a car

Learn to pilot a helicopter


Own a successful business


Own my own pool and hot tub


Always stay in decent shape


Own a Gibson Les Paul electric guitar

  Own a 7-string guitar
  Run a mile in under 7 minutes