The Life List of

The Life List of

Emily Gordon

write a song and have it recorded

visit all 7 continents, especially Australia

live in Spain for at least 6 months

go to the beach at night with a boyfriend

fall in love
visit every state
start my own business

learn to play guitar well

swim in the dead sea
visit Israel

get married

  have at least 2 kids, at least 1 being a daughter
become a grandmother
meet jennifer anison and mary kate & ashley
go on a shopping spree in new york city

learn how to surf and be good at it

work at camp walt whitman and get my 10 year jacket
  get accepted into a college that i didnt think i’d get in to
donate a large amount of money to a children’s charity
  get "athlete of the week" in the harrison report
  speak spanish fluently

visit camp in the winter


stay friends with my current friends after high school is over


get a 5 on an AP test

  win a contest

get a kitty


see james taylor in concert


be stress-free


be a role model for someone

  live in new york city
  take a road trip across the country with my friends or my sister
  see a concert in central park
  meet chris carrabba
  design clothing

positively change someone’s life