The Life List of

The Life List of

Alana Fried

Graduate high school

Get accepted into a college of my choice
Live in an apartment in NYC
Study abroad in Australia or Spain
Get married
Have 3-4 children
Own a house in East Hampton and Florida

Learn to play the guitar

Have 2 dogs
Meet the President
Learn how to surf
  Go to all 50 states

Go to Israel

Go to all 7 continents
Become fluent in Spanish
Become a good cook
Be married before the age of 28
  Get a good job
Become successful
  Go skiing
  Win a decent amount of money in the lotto
  Become friends with a famous person
  Adopt a child
  Go ski- diving
  Take a road trip with my friends to wherever we want to go
  Learn how to drive stick shift
  Fly a plane
  Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
  Meet Ryan Cabrera
  Meet the cast of the OC

Be on a commercial

  Swim in all 4 oceans
  Own my own business
  Live in a mansion
  Donate a lot of money to some organization at some point in my life
  Have a boat/yacht
  Enjoy my 4 years of college…wherever that may be!

Have a long/healthy marriage

  Live a long and healthy life!