The Life List of

The Life List of

Maureen Fox


Get back with James

  Go row boating in Central Park with James
  Graduate from high school
  Get into a good college
  Major in Special Education
Get a master’s degree
Get a PhD
Find a good job that I will be happy with.
Find someone I can spend the rest of my life with and get married
Never ever get divorced.
  Have 2 or 3 kids
Buy a house
  Open up my own ice cream store

Own a dog

  Visit all 50 states
  Join the Peace Corps
  Ride a rollercoaster

Run in a marathon

  Go back-packing in Europe
  Run with the bulls in Spain
  Swim in a pool full of chocolate pudding
  Kiss the Blarney stone
  Visit Machu Pichu
  Learn how to knit
  Watch the sun rise
  Give a speech in front of a huge audience
  Learn to play the piano
  Go to an Alicia Keys concert and meet her
  Donate blood
  Feed a homeless person and help him get cleaned up
  Have a really heartfelt conversation with my mother
  Teach someone how to read

Adopt a child

  Learn an Asian language and be able to use it
  Spend an entire summer with my grandmother and learn everything about her
  Stop saying yes when I actually want to say no
  Play football with a whole bunch of guys
  Have a bench or something named after me
  Help a racist person change his ways
  Figure out how to master the Rubik’s Cube
  Eat crepes in France
  Fly a plane
  Try to distract one of those dudes that guard Buckingham Palace
  Visit the seven wonders of the world
  Influence someone to do something very important in their life
  Buy a boat and live in it for a little while
  Learn how to make sweet potato fries

Make out with John Foreman

  Teach my kids to be bilingual
  Be on Fear Factor
  Stop cursing completely
  Become a better Catholic
  Meet Dane Cook and spend an entire day with him
  Meet Ellen Degeneres and dance with her
  Become better at golf
  Buy my momma a house
  Solve a mystery
  Be in a triathlon
  Punch “you know who” in the face
  Visit a concentration camp
  Become a vegetarian
  Visit a factory farm
  Visit the little girl I sponsor in Ecuador
  Continue writing in my journal until I die
  Save someone’s life