The Life List of

The Life List of

Zach Fleischner


Make a life list

  Make a professional comedian laugh
  Meet someone I never thought I would see again

Be arrested


Donate half a years pay to charity

Be a contestant on the price is right
Ride every ride in an amusement park in a day

Create a word

Tip a cow

Meet a president and have a political discussion

  Save a life

Fly a plane

  Join the peace corps
  Meet people and travel the country as a ticket collector on a train
  Teach a college course
  Own (humanly) an exotic pet
  Travel the world extensively
  Be on all the continents, including Antarctica
  Have a pen pal in from 7 different cultures
  Watch the space ship launch
  Learn to ride a motorcycle

Make an important discovery

  Bungee jump
  Learn to juggle
  Be in the Guinness book of world records

Write a book or magazine article


Get elected

  Live in a motel for a couple months

Invent something

  Survive a hurricane or tornado
  Be friends with a celebrity
  Be in a movie

Use a super fancy bong

  Drive a police car with sirens on in traffic
  Learn to snowboard
  Learn to surf


  Drive 150 miles per hour on a public road
  Eat 5 saltines in a row

See be the first search item for ‘ap psychology’ on yahoo

  Add at least 15 things to this list

Finish a life list