The Life List of

The Life List of

Danielle Fischler


Get into Northeastern University


Go to Georgetown Law School

  Become a Constitution Attorney
  Work in the House of Representatives or the Senate
  Meet the president
Work in the Whitehouse
Get a 4.0 GPA in college
Study abroad in London, England
Visit French Polynesia
Visit St. Tropez
  Take a cruise in the Caribbean
Go backpacking in Europe

Visit every continent at least once


Go to every state in the Unites States for a vacation

  Visit the seven wonders of the world
  Go snorkeling
  Learn how to jump horses and eventually compete in the Hampton Classic.
  Run the New York City Marathon.
  Stay in touch with all my friends.
  Go sky diving
  Become an instructor for Presidential Classroom.

Become fluent in at least 3 more languages.

  Learn to ski double black diamonds in Colorado.
  Play volleyball in college.
  Own an apartment in New York City near Central Park.
  Buy a house right next door to my Dad’s house in East Hampton.
  Buy a boat.
  Take photography classes.

Get married on the beach or in a park somewhere in the United States.

  Have one girl and one boy.
  Be a good mom.
  Stop biting my nails.
  join many organizations such as MADD.
  Donate to and work for many charities.
  Own my own law firm by the time I retire.
  Buy a jet ski.
  Get my permit.
  Drive a BMW 330 CI Convertible

Have tons of pet cats( only Russian Blues)

  Adopt at least one of my cats.
  Go to a concert
  Go to MTV music awards or the Oscars
  Try to eat fish sometime when I am older
  Become a vegetarian eventually

Take cooking classes

  Learn how to surf.
  Form my own interest group.
  Swim with dolphins.

Finish Learning Hebrew

  Learn how to water ski.
  Go river rafting in the rapids in Colorado.
  Go camping all over the United States with my family.

Live to be over 80 years old.

  Help at least one person each day.
  Change as many lives as possible.