The Life List of

The Life List of

Taryn Filomio


Get into Quinnipiac University or Marist (Got into Quinnipiac)

  Get my Masters in Comm/Journ. at Colombia or NYU
  Stay active and do many clubs in college
  Continue to play Lacrosse
  Create my own TV show for Broadcasting

Study Abroad (Go to Ireland, Italy or Australia)

Intern at MTV

Intern for Vogue Magazine
Score at least 1 goal during every game this season for lacrosse
Get a yellowcard during one game
  Learn to play tennis and play a match
Run the New York Marathon and beat P Diddy and Oprah
  Go rock climbing
  Go to a ski lodge and go off the ski lift

Go to a ski lodge and learn to ski and snowboard


Go Ski diving

  Go jet Skiing
  Milk a cow

Go to a skate park and go off the big ramp

  Go camping without daily necessities

Go paintballing

  Learn to play guitar
  Record one of my songs

Get one of my dads songs on air


Send in a tape to Real World or Road Rules and hopefully get on it

  " Pimp My Ride "
  Drive a convertible
  Get backstage at a concert
  Get a tattoo
  Dye my hair an odd color (red,blue,ect.)
  Design a dress
  Walk the red carpet
  Meet Johnny Depp
  Work at a soup kitchen
  Get my mom to stop smoking
  Shop in Italy

Go to France and speak the little french I know

  Go to Ireland and find a four leaf clover
  Go to Mardi Gras and buy the strangest mask
  Visit the Real OC
  Spend a night in a Hilton Hotel
  Visit the Statue of Liberty
  Visit Ground Zero
  Go scuba Diving in the Bahamas

Rent a trailer and drive to Florida with all my friends

  Visit every beach in California and find out if my sandals will really melt on the concrete (a story from my mom)
  Go surfboarding in New Mexico or California
  Gamble $500 in Los Vegas
  Take a picture with Elvis in Los Vegas

Go back to Disney world and go on the Tower of Terror


Celebrate New Years in NYC

  See Rent on Broadway
  Witness a Hurricane
  Meet a British man. an Irish man and an Australian man
  Be in 4 places at once
  Get a postcard from every place I visit
  Have a pen pal
  Travel through the Amazon
  Go to the Equator

Go to Africa and donate my time to help the homeless children

  Have an apartment in NYC and decorate it the way I would want it (before I have kids)
  Own my own clothing/accessory store when I retire
  Own my own private pool with a slide and diving-board
  a penguin

a dog

  Own a VW bug
  Work at a TV station or magazine company that I feel comfortable in

Have 2 kids (1 girl and 1 boy)

  Be a bridesmaid
  Go to at least 50 concerts in my life
  Go to a surfing contest in California
  Adopt a child from a different country (like on the commercials)
  Learn to speak Italian
  Speak a different language for one whole day
  Invent something
  Go to the x-games
  Go to Africa and see a Zebra and a hippo up close
  Keep and album of all my accomplishments

E-Mail Mr. Kaplan when I complete something from this list