The Life List of

The Life List of

Marisa DiLemme


Graduate high school.


Be accepted to The Medill School of Journalism.


Go to NYU for grad school.

  Live in an apartment in NYC.
  Live in a condo in Florida.
Study abroad in Italy.
Become fluent in Italian.

Learn to play the guitar.

See Fall Out Boy 30 times in concert.
Become the Editor-in-Chief of a fashion magazine.
Get married.
Have three children.
Own a house in the Hamptons.

Meet the cast of “Will & Grace.”

Eat a slice of French fry pizza.

Go apple picking.

Get a Ph.D.

  Go on a cruise of the Mediterranean.

Donate money to/work for a charity.

Go to a Yankees game in Boston.
Surf on Deerfield Beach in Florida.
Read Pride and Prejudice.

Publish an award-winning article.

Buy my mom a Jaguar convertible.

Travel to South Africa.

Meet the President.

Stay a vegetarian.
Learn Spanish.
Attend the Emmy Awards.
Visit the towns in Italy where my grandparents are from.

Become a certified catechist.

Play an intra-mural sport in college.

Belong to MADD.

Be on stage during a Fall Out Boy performance.

Take a cooking class.

Have a dog.
Backpack through Europe.
Watch a scary movie.
Go to an Ashlee Simpson concert.
Be a guest on a talk show.
Work for a record label.

Tour with a band.

Be a cast member on the Real World.
Own a Porsche truck.