The Life List of

The Life List of

Steve Colaco


1)     Run a marathon in every state of the United States

2)     Do an Iron Man Triathlon (3 mile swim; 26.2 mile run; 110 mile bike ride)



1)     Own a Beverly Hills mansion with a pool, tennis courts, and arcade

2)     Be the richest man in America and India


1)     Drive an 18-wheeler Mac Truck  

2)     Drive a fire truck

3)     Drive a red Ferrari F-50 ($500,000)

4)     Drive a Kawasaki motorcycle and jet ski

5)     Fly the Boeing 747, Air France Concorde, or any air force fighter jet



1)     Own a strip club

2)     Have 500 employees under my direct control

3)     Have my own secretary

4)     Make enough money to feed a small country


Socially:     1)  Be the most pimp (popular) guy around

3)     Be married to a beautiful women (almost there)

4)     Have people look up to me and respect me

5)     Be semi-muscular with a good build.


1)     Remain simple and caring while adding delightful pleasures to my life

2)     Retain my culture, religion, and family through-out in my life

3)     Be a nice and considerate person to all