The Life List of

The Life List of

Danielle Ciaramella


Graduate High School

  Get a 5 on the Psychology and Environmental Science AP
  Get over a 1000 on the SAT
  Get into a good college
  Major in Psychology and Education
  Work at Playland again next summer

Graduate college with a bachelor and master’s degree


Be an elementary school teacher

  Find out more about Mild Cerebral Palsy (my brother has this) and how I can help my brother
  Study abroad in Italy, France and Spain
  Be fluent in Italian, Latin, French and Spanish  
  Take a cooking class

Pass my road test

  Get a nice car
  Go to Hawaii
  Go to Montauk (again) and the Hamptons
  Go to Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens
  Go to Six Flags

Go to Hershey Park

  Go to Disney World

Go to Daytona Beach, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale

  Go to the Jersey Shore
  Go to Canada
  Go to the Bahamas
  Go to Aruba
  Go to Cancun

Go on a cruise

  Go to Italy and visit all the cities there

Go to Paris

  Go to Poland
  Drive cross country
  Visit every state
  Go to all the cities in California and visit Big Bear Lake, Venice Beach, Sunset Beach, Universal City and other major attractions in these cities

Go to Las Vegas again and stay in the hotels that I haven’t stayed in. Go to all the stores and attractions

  Visit every continent
  Visit the 7 world wonders
  See and drive on the Golden Gate Bridge
  Learn how to play the piano
  Meet the entire cast of Friends, Full House and 7th Heaven

Meet Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Murphy, Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon

  Get married and have children
  Be an aunt
  Be a grandmother
  Live to see my great-grandchildren
  Live healthy until I’m 100 or over