The Life List of

The Life List of

Stefania Chiulli

Graduate High School

Go to Australia
Bungee Jump

Get into Boston University

Or get into Iona

Get married

Have one or two kids

Have Grandchildren

Become a psychologist for teenagers or adults

Get an Acura RSX
Go to Atlantis this summer

Get a Bachelors Degree

Start my own successful business

Maybe become a psychology teacher (like you Kaplan)!
Go on one big road trip with my friends
Sky Dive
Go to England
  Spend 6 months to a year in Italy

Win the Lotto


Get a 1300 on my SAT

  Mother a daughter

Mother a son

  Swim with Dolphins
  Have a dog  "miniature collie"
  Join a sorority
  Meet Chad Michael Murray
  Create a cure for a disease
  Do very well in college

Buy my parents something for all that they have done for me.

  Have a reunion with my friends from high school in the future
  Get tickets to see a Broadway show by December

Make a difference in someone’s life


Get a 4 on the AP Psychology exam


Go surfing in Hawaii

  Go camping

Go to the VMA’s


Go to a Yankee Game with Tim

  Adopt a child

Save someone’s life


Invent a board game


Make the Principle’s Honor roll for 11th and 12th grade.


Learn how to use the computer better


Pass my road test


Meet Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

  Date someone and act really crazy

Live a long and healthy life!