The Life List of

The Life List of

Christine Carpenito



  graduate high school
  get accepted into a college of my choice
  graduate college
  overall, work hard – get good grades
do very well on the Psych AP


all 50 US States
the Grand Canyon
  all 7 continents
the Equator

the Walk of Fame in Hollywood


Cambodia and other 3rd world countries for the U.N. for refugees


Vacation in:


St. Thomas

  St. Lucia


  get married
  have 2-3 children
  buy a nice house
  have a movie theater in my house
  own a house in the Hamptons

own a BMW X5



  meet Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher and my other favorite celebrities
  get a tattoo

own a Toy or Teacup Chihuahua


spend one whole day at the Palisades Mall

  go sky-diving

swim with dolphins


go scuba-diving


go parasailing

  learn to ski

learn to surf

  go bungee jumping

ride in a helicopter

  be in a play

learn to play guitar


attend a movie premiere


be in a movie (even just an extra)

  attend an SNL or talk-show taping
  attend a Broadway play (not Cats again though)
  go on an airplane for the 2nd time
  attend a concert of an artist/band i really like