The Life List of

The Life List of

Laura Antonucci


place at county center cheerleading competition

  get a bid to nationals, and attend nationals
  get my round off back handspring back tuck

graduate high school

  go to college
cheer in college
join a sorority
graduate college
own a Porsche

own a house on the beach

  go to Italy and climb to the top of the leaning tower of Pisa
see the aurora borealis
  get married
  pass my road test on the 1st try
  drive to Florida for spring break with the mallowmars

make more money then my husband

  own a penthouse in NYC
  go to Hawaii
  learn to speak Italian fluently

watch the Yankees play at every American league baseball stadium

  dye my hair blonde
  learn how to surf by a professional surfer
  meet Derek Jeter and tell him how much i love him
  own more then 15 pairs of Nike shox at one time
  learn how to dance like usher
  be friends with pam for 10 more years
  own a little white dog
  watch every single episode of friends
  learn how to speak pig latin
  be a flyer

buy as many Dior handbags as i can

  go to Marti gras in New Orleans 
  scuba dive in the Bahamas
  visit Las Vegas
  swim in the pacific ocean
  have sushi in Japan

go to Hubbas!

  learn to drive stick
  own a 5 karat diamond
  get a massage at a 5 star spa
  go to prom
  crowd surf at a concert