The Life List of

The Life List of

Lisa Alvarado


Get into a good college


Get married by age 27

  Get into a good college

Have at least 2 children

  Live to see my grandchildren
Travel to every state in the U.S.
See the Panama Canal
Travel to the Great Wall of China
Visit the Grand Canyon
Visit the Greek Isles

Go on a cruise to the Caribbean

Pet a baby kangaroo in Australia

  Go to France and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Go white water rafting

  Go to Rome and see the Coliseum
  Own an Audi A4

Buy a beach house


Learn how to play a musical instrument

  Go horseback riding
  Learn how to play golf

Go on a tour of the Nile River


Travel to the Great pyramids in Egypt

  Be able to do a walking handstand

Lay on a beach in Fiji


Own a house


Ride a camel

  Go parasailing

Learn to drive a stick shift


Learn how to ski and snowboard


Vacation to Hawaii

  Go camping

Learn how to cook (good)


Go on a road trip

  See a real bullfight in Spain

Visit any country in South America


Study abroad

  Live a healthy life
  Start a collection of something
  Go Scuba diving and snorkeling
  Go to Disneyland

Go on vacation to Mexico


Start going to church more often


Be successful in my profession


Stay close with my friends after high school

  Learn how to play tennis