The Life List of

The Life List of

Christina Yotides


Graduate high school

Get accepted to my first choice college

Run the Boston marathon

Watch the Red Sox win the world series at Fenway and then rush the field when they win

Become a fashion icon all over the world

Throw a football to Wes Welker and then a hug

Go through Lady Gaga’s closet

Save someone’s life

Learn how to ski

Buy a summer home in Cape Cod

Win the lotto

Have a successful job that makes me happy

Open up a diner like 99% of the Greeks do in America

Marry a man who I’m completely in love with by the age of 24

Move to Boston

Have 4 kids before the age of 30

Live in Greece and own two houses there; one the mainland and one on an island

Buy a crappy house and then redesign/rebuild it room by room

Learn to speak French, live in France to use it for a year, then come back to live in America with a French accent

Change someone’s life

Be a vegan for a week

Travel to Africa to see a cheetah

Get a six pack

Surf in California, Hawaii, and Australia

Teach my kids to speak Greek first, and then learn English

Live a completely healthy life

Never get old

Look back on life someday happy and with no regrets