The Life List of

The Life List of

Michelle Winkelman



Experience one of those romantic kiss scenes that you only see in the movies. Where it’s raining outside and you come together after troubled times, and share a passionate kiss.

Marry one person and grow old with them. I’m not interested in dating many people.

Save a kid from an oncoming truck or car. I’d be a hero!

Find my dream job or career, which pays a hefty amount that I see fit.

Be there for a person before he/she dies. So they won’t be alone.

Be a strong independent woman who won’t rely on anyone else

Be in a professional photo/modeling shoot. Someone would do my makeup etc.

Receive a scholarship and go to college

Buy my mom that dream house near the beach that she’s always talked about.

Find myself very beautiful on the inside, rather than relying on the outside.

Go up into space and float around in the shuttle like I’m flying.

Adopt a child because I couldn’t imagine life without my parents.

Speak another language fluently

Learn to hold my tongue and say something positive in place of it.

Learn to have less anxiety and be more open minded and accepting of people.

Go to the pet store and go to the old cat that no one wants and adopt it, giving it a loving home.

When I’m older, find an old friend from long ago and have a good time with them.

Have an epic food fight in a huge cafeteria.

Take a hot-air balloon ride

Take a full day at a health spa

Live with monks for a while on a spiritual journey.