The Life List of

The Life List of

Chloe Williams


1.           Constantly be surrounded by positive energy

2.           Be happy with and proud of every decision I make

3.           Marry someone I love and who loves me

4.           Have a happy marriage and never get divorced

5.           Have 3 children

6.           Be in amazing shape for my whole life

7.           Make all my 11:11 wishes come true

8.           Beat Rye!

9.           Have a successful husband, but also be successful for myself

10.       Be on the cover of a fashion magazine

11.       Overcome my fear of heights and go sky diving

12.       Train my kids to be phenom athletes

13.       Have a son that is a professional football player

14.       Visit at least 50 different countries

15.       Visit the 7 wonders of the world

16.       Stay at the top 100 best hotels in the world

17.       Spend a night in the White House

18.       Spend a night at Buckingham Palace

19.       Save someone’s life

20.       Eat whatever I want and never gain weight

21.       Get into a good college

22.       Never be depressed

23.       Never have people get mad at me

24.       Be on GLEE

25.       Be Chuck’s girlfriend on Gossip Girl

26.       Go on a date with a Prince

27.       Date a professional athlete

28.       Be in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

29.       Style famous celebrities for award shows

30.       Have a huge closet filled with amazing clothes

31.       Have a ton of dogs

32.       End child abuse and dog abuse

33.       Kill terrorists

34.       Invent something cool

35.       Own a professional sports team (either football, basketball or hockey)

36.       Beat Rafael Nadal in tennis and then kiss him

37.       Become best friends with Taylor Swift and tour with her

38.       Become fluent in Spanish, French and Chinese

39.       Live to see 100 years old

40.       Kiss in the rain

41.       Have the president ask for my advice

42.       Stay close with my siblings and raise our kids together

43.       Help my parents when they get older

44.       Be able to give someone something they have never had and have always wanted

45.       Accomplish every goal on my life list

46.       Live life with no regrets