The Life List of

The Life List of

Amanda Suhre



·         Go skydiving

·         Go bungee jumping

·         Go parasailing

·         Ride in a hot air balloon

·         Visit all 50 states of USA

·         Road trip around the country from the east to west coast

·         Go on vacation to Ireland

·         Go on vacation to Bermuda

·         Go on vacation to Aruba

·         Understand how to play football

·         Learn to ski

·         Swim with dolphins

·         Visit New Zealand and go zorbing

·         Jump into water off a cliff

·         Visit the Grand Canyon

·         Go to Canada

·         Visit Niagara Falls

·         Take a picture in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

·         Go on the roller coaster in Las Vegas on top of a strip mall

·         Climb the Statue of Liberty

·         Go up the Empire State Building

·         Visit all 7 continents

·         Study abroad for one semester in college

·         Graduate college after 4 years

·         Marry my soul mate

·         Start and raise a family

·         Own a brown dachshund and name him Charlie

·         Buy a nice home

·         Go to Times Square on New Years Eve

·         Try to enjoy eating Sushi

·         Zip line into water

·         Go in a bungee ball at an amusement park