The Life List of

The Life List of

Lily Stokoe           



1.)   Graduate from Harrison High School

2.)   Go to a good college

3.)   Make the awesome Harrison High School Bowling team

4.)   Bowl a perfect game

5.)   Win states for volleyball

6.)   Get a date to prom

7.)   Marry someone over 6’3’’

8.)   Play volleyball for Great Britain at the 2016 Olympics

9.)   Get my drivers license

10.)Swim with sharks

11.)Get a 5 on my AP Psych Exam

12.)Take a good school photo

13.)Walk down the red carpet

14.)Spend New Years Eve in Times Square

15.)Pull an all nighter

16.)Start a massive food fight at Harrison High School

17.)Win the Senior Scavenger Hunt

18.)Win the lottery

19.)Learn how to play the guitar and sing

20.)Go to Vegas for my 21st Birthday

21.)Go to the World Cup

22.)Start out my career in New York City then move to California

23.)Watch a movie at a drive in movie theatre

24.)Get my ears pierced

25.)Be in an episode of glee

26.)Go to my best friends from high school’s wedding

27.)Visit every country in the world

28.)Study abroad

29.)Party on a yacht

30.)Be able to look back at life and be happy