The Life List of

The Life List of

Casey Stanton       


·         Host Saturday Night Live

·         Work with Woody Allen on a film

·         Be a Production Assistant  to Martin Scorsese

·         Have a film I produced be screened at Sundance

·         Own an art gallery in New York City

·         Attend the Canes Film Festival

·         Win the Brooklyn Film Festival

·         Co-write a screen play with Drew Barrymore

·         Live in Paris

·         Have an apartment in the city and a house in California

·         Love my job, work, and what I do

·         Bring my family back to Dali, China

·         Intern in the music industry before I am 25

·         Write a column in the NY Times or the New Yorker

·         Be able to speak Mandarin, Hebrew, French, and Spanish fluently

·         Learn how to play guitar, drums, the bass and piano

·         Go to a Strokes concert in New York City

·         Fall madly in love

·         Take a road trip from LA to Joshua Tree with my best friends

·         Teach English in a foreign country

·         Adopt as many dogs as I can from shelters

·         Go back in time and sit in a bar in Persia and drink and write with Rumi

·         Hang out at bar 2A in the village with Julian Casablancas

·         Go back in time and join Jack Kerouac when he was “On the Road”

·         Live.