The Life List of

The Life List of

Jake Solomon



1)      See the Jets win the super bowl

2)      See the Knicks win a championship

3)      Bowl a 300

4)      Bowl with Chris Paul

5)      Get married

6)      Have a family

7)      Rent a private house on the Caribbean

8)      Go to a Super Bowl

9)      Be an extra in a movie

10)  Go to Las Vegas

11)  Fish then eat what I caught

12)  Eat sushi in Japan

13)  Go to sectionals in Bowling

14)  Re watch all of LOST

15)  Stay friends with my best friends from high school

16)  Own my own Business

17)  Cook a thanksgiving dinner for my family

18)  Meat Rex Ryan

19)  Pass the AP Psych test ( prob wont happen)

20)  Have dinner with MR. C and Kaplan