The Life List of

The Life List of

Andy Smithline      


–          Be in a music video with Matisyahu, Adam Sandler and Amare Stoudimire  

–          Be there to see the Knicks or Giants with a championship

–          Be a boss of my own business.

–          Create “Andy and Charlie’s Ice Cream Store” with my friend Charlie (side job)

–          Play horse with Vince Carter (my boy) or Rajon Rondo

–          Bring in the dough. 4 million per year.

–          Have a dinner with Landry Fields

–          Get into a fight with someone then have Jason Pierre Paul (JJP the great) back me up and kick some ass

–          Eat a lot of candy

–          Get a sweet ride when I’m older so people in the town envy me. Ferrari.

–          Teach an AP class for a year and get all of my students to get a 5.

–          Enjoy a date (maybe even a little bit more if you know what I mean) with Megan Fox or Maria Sharapova or someone like that.

–          Be in a hilarious ESPN commercial. I love ESPN commercials.

–          Be a family oriented person; continue staying close with all my family, close and extended. Stay close with camp/high school friends too

–          Get married on October 15th. It’s a great day.

–          Chill with Madison Hedgecock because I love his name or Wilson Chandler cause Wilson is the chilliest bro in the world

–          Have Zeke Jones call me and then ask me if I want to go clubbing with him because all the girls love Zeke.

–          Have Zeke Jones blow me a kiss

–          Have Zeke drill a three and pull a Joe Horn and call me on his cell phone

–          Have Zeke tell me a joke….he’s so funny

–          Run a mile or workout with Zeke, he’s so athletic

–          Go on vacation many family vacations with my family. Go to Vegas with my camp friends.

–          Have a huge dinner party with Zeke, JPP, Madison Hedgecock and Danillo.

–          Win in a laughing contest. I never ever win. I want to be Ross I badly.

–          Go to a world cup finals with the US in it

–          Get into a college that is fun/a good school at the same time

–          Find a lovely/pretty/humorous/smart wife

–          Make JPP the godfather of my children

–          Be a good Dad. Have my kids respect but still love me

–          Become an owner or an extension team in the NBA or NFL

–          Make a hit song with Ron Artest

–          Always be happy

–          Have some dip with that guy who loves the dip with his chips.

–          Have a large house and make it fun and exotic/unique

–          Play in a college basketball or world cup game that’s insanely intense.

–          Have 3 kids, 1 dog, 1 wife.

–          Go to a business school after college