The Life List of

The Life List of

Doug Shulman


·        Attend the super bowl and the Olympics

·        Snorkel the great barrier reef

·        Fish for black marlin in South Africa

·        Visit the concentration camps

·        Learn about my Great Grandma who recently passed away and understand her amazingly fulfilled life

·        Go to College

·        SKYDIVE

·        Successfully parallel park

·        Learn how to fillet my fresh caught fish

·        Be able to take constructive criticism without getting mad

·        Fire a rifle

·        Learn how to fly a plane

·        Complete a Marathon

·        Play Pebble Beach Golf Course

·        Ski the Andes

·        Become fluent in Spanish

·        See an Olympic hockey game (U.S vs Canada)

·        Build a house for Habitat for Humanity

·        Visit New Orleans and help with rebuilding

·        Attend a world cup match which has the host country in it

·        Come face to face with a tamed lion

·        Help someone in need of help

·        Go dog sledding