The Life List of

The Life List of

Logan Schwartz



·       Meet Mikhail Prokhorov, and chill with him for a day.

·       Ask to have one of his GIANT yachts (one of the missing ones)

·       Be an NBA GM

·       Re-visit Israel

·       Go to a Super Bowl

·       Write something for ESPN or Sports Illustrated

·       Learn to speak 4 languages

·       Win the lottery

·       Ask Kevin Garnett “what is possible?”

·       Graduate high school

·       Get into college

·       Graduate college

·       Eventually, obtain a job in which I am happy

·       Live in at least one other country.

·       Have Morgan Freeman narrate everything I do for a day

·       Be a play by play man for Sunday Night Baseball or Monday Night Football

Realize that either:

—time travel isn’t possible, and that’s why we don’t see any futuristic people around


—the time in which we live is extremely boring, so no time travelers want to come

·       make my children learn Chinese, Arabic or Afrikaans

·       go to the 2012 Olympics in London

·       have no regrets