The Life List of

The Life List of

Alexis Rubenstein


·         Follow my dreams

·         Move to somewhere out of New York

·         Travel to the 7 wonders of the World

·         Backpack through Europe

·         Be a millionaire

·         Own 10 homes located all around the world

·         Live Abroad for 2 years or more

·         Marry someone who loves me

·         Have 4 kids

·         Have 4 dogs

·         Become a grandmother

·         Attend the Summer or Winter Olympics

·         Compete in the Summer or Winter Olympics

·         Organize a Flash Dance

·         Ski some of the greatest Mountains

·         Write an autobiography that people will want to read

·         Become a skilled surfer

·         Be on Glee

·         Become a Forensic Psychologist

·         Or have a successful job I am happy with it

·         Live past 100

·         Attend a great college

·         Write for a fashion magazine

·         Ski Dive

·         Star in  a Hollywood Movie

·         Host the Oscars

·         Host the MTV Movie Awards

·         Be on the Bachelor or be the Bachelorette

·         Be on the cover of Vogue

·         Make sure my kids are talented athletes