The Life List of

The Life List of

Dylan Rosales       


·         Land these kicks –Pollly,540,720,jumpng back kick ,jumping side kick into jumping back kick

·         Lead a Tea Kwan do peewee class of 15 or more without any problems

·         Get a full Split

·         Become a third Dan then later a master

·         Win a sparing tornament

·         Read the whole bible

·         Lead a Sermon

·         Get filled with the fire of God

·         Get a 100 on a test

·         Get a 100 in a class

·         Hand in all my hw on time

·         Get into a decent college

·         Get my senior license – then a car

·         Get married with kids

·         Have a Shot of liquor with my father and grandfather

·         Not remember my 21 birthday (Hispanic thing)

·         Meet a president

·          Get into a fight and completely wreck my opponent

·         Learn to spell better

·         Improve my hand writing

·         Hike the Inca trail

·         Go on a road trip with my cousin

·         See Peru win a world cup in person

·         Go over seas

·         GO on a missions trip

·         Make a big difference in some one’s life

·         Become a role model

·         Buy a house for my mom

·         Completely take care of my parents and grandparents when I’m older

·         Get a six pack (abs)

·         Do 100 pushups in a min

·         Through a crazy party

·         Get my whole family together get rid of the differences and problems and have a giant Hispanic party that lasts a week

·         Write/speak something that will move hearts and change minds

·         Make my life meaningful

·         Go out a Hero