The Life List of

The Life List of

Heather Remsen




1.    Get my license/permit

2.       Spend a night under the stars somewhere

3.       Get a scholarship to college

4.       Graduate with a degree

5.       Fall in love

6.       Get married when it’s spring time (and stay married)

7.       Adopt at least one kid

8.       Have a baby (at least one)

9.       Raise and have a family

10.   Adopt pets

11.   Keep good friendships with people alive

12.   Go snorkeling/scuba diving at a coral reef

13.   Volunteer services (midnight runs, soup kitchens etc)

14.   Have a steady well-paying job

15.   Visit Ireland, Greece and Italy

16.   Keep up family connections

17.   When I die- go to heaven

18.   Meet a celebrity

19.   Learn to snowboard

20.   Have an overall happy life