The Life List of

The Life List of

Niki Rachlin



1. Find and marry the love of my life.

2. Graduate college and grad school.

3. Have a career in fashion that I enjoy.

4. Become famous for something.

5. Leave Harrison

6. Go on an acid trip.

7. Travel all of Europe.

8. Travel all of Asia. (Except North Korea)

9. Pick out an outfit for Nicki Minaj.

10. Pass my road test.

11. Get into a fist fight.

12. Get at least one tattoo

13. Date a member of a “rock band”

14. Learn how to do a back handspring.

15. Confess my love to James Franco himself.

16. See the band A Day to Remember live at least once.

17. Get a puggle and name him “Weezy”.

18. Stay in touch with my best friend from high school (Christie Suozzo).

19. Get Mr. Kaplan to remember my first name.

20. Win an award than make an acceptance speech.

21. Not go through a mid-life crisis.

22. Die next to my one true love (yes, like The Notebook).

23. Enjoy my life and live with no regrets! =D