The Life List of

The Life List of

Adriano Pierroz


Go skydiving

Travel the world

Be on the amazing race with Alexandria Brown

Change someone’s life for the better

Live in Italy for a year

Live in New York City for a while

Graduate from a good college

Study abroad

Fly a plane

Be in a movie

Visit the Great Barrier Reef

Get married

Have kids

Be a good parent

Learn to surf

Break a Guinness world record

Go to Oktoberfest in Germany

Remain physically fit

Run with the bulls

Go see an Inter Milan game

Own a Ferrari

Own my own corporation

Sail around the world

Learn how to play the piano

Own several pets

Get rich

Win the lotto

Travel to outer space

Go to a rave

Run in a marathon

Visit all 7 continents

Stay together with my girlfriend Alexandria for as long as possible

Die happy

Finish as many things on this list as possible.